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propound v : put forward, as of an idea

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From the Middle English proponen "to put forward" from Latin proponere "to put forward" from pro- "before" + ponere "to put"


  1. to put forward; to offer for discussion or debate
    • 2005, Plato, Sophist. Translation by Lesley Brown. 243b.
      Each school propounds its own theory without having given any thought to whether we are following what they say or getting left behind.


to put forward; to offer for discussion or debate
  • Norwegian: framlegge, framsette
  • Portuguese: propor

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advance, assert, bring before, bring forward, bring up, broach, commend to attention, introduce, launch, lay before, lay down, make a motion, moot, move, offer, offer a resolution, open up, pose, posit, postulate, predicate, prefer, proffer, propose, proposition, put, put forth, put forward, put it to, recommend, set before, set forth, start, submit, suggest
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